Helloooo Saturday

I spent most of this week sick, sleeping, sad, and playing Skyrim. At least two of those go together, unfortunately. Still, we're closing in on the end of classes, and the ability to sleep an entire weekend away sounds very lovely. This is a very late post (I might've forgotten to schedule it, got on after leaving Relay for Life tonight, and then realized I didn't post... Oops?)

Some of my favorite things from last week, since I was too distracted to do it on Friday...

I really want to get a blender this summer, so I can actually ensure that I eat breakfast some of the time...

I can't have longer hair fast enough. I really wanna be able to do something cool, like this!

This faux-Malachite painting tutorial is really cool, and I'm going to have to remember it for if I'm ever bored and have the things needed to actually make use of it. Probably never, but you never know...

What were your favorite things last week?


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