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I took an Arabic test this morning, which effectively ended my seven-day "there are too many things to do" streak. Probably the only way I could have spent the past week or so more irritated and anxious would be if I had been stuck with a CogSci test or quiz or had been blessed with excess personal drama. (As it was, I might have also spent the past week dealing with some personal drama, but it didn't really get bad till after the absolute worst was over, so I think I was lucky). I suppose the upside of the week is that I absolutely was never bored, and it got warm enough that I was able to work outside in just shorts and a t-shirt...though it's back to the 30s (Fahrenheit) now. My floor also introduced me to Skyrim last week, and I've logged about fourteen hours now, thanks to pretty much not sleeping at all this weekend. So...I lived in jeans and old highschool t-shirts last week, but I do still have some things from the week before it to show off.

I don't particularly remember much from the week before last, but I know Tuesday was a fairly okay day, though it was rather frantic, being right after break and all, with everything suddenly stacking up.

Headband - ??? | Jumper (as skirt) - highschool uniform | Shirt - J.C. Penny's | Tights - WalMart | Boots - E's Closet Boutique

Friday was probably one of the best days I had in the past two weeks, though it did kind of wind up setting up the personal drama that happened late last week. I don't think I'd change it, though - it was a pretty wonderful day, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Jacket/shoes/headband - F21 | Dress - thrifted

I hope you all had lovely weeks - I'm sorry for not being able to post or really check up on other people's posts, but last week was chaos. (I even forgot that I'd said I'd be on Twitter...)


  1. You take Arabic??!? That's crazy, I took it for four years in college! I even still have to sometimes use it for my job

    I love that maxi skirt! :)

    Sophisticated Lace

    1. It's actually my minor! It's really fun and I love it! That's pretty awesome that you get to use it in your job.


  2. That tiered skirt is so pretty! Great look for spring!

    Pearls & Paws


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