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This year has happened too quickly. It's been wonderful and sad and fun and tragic, and I've changed so much just internally since starting college. (Hello to being approximately 39% more responsible than I was last year... I do my papers the day before, not the night before now! (I'm kidding. Mostly...)) I only have less than a month left of my freshman year. I've been looking back at my New Years' Resolutions recently, and figured maybe, along with my week's favorites, I could give an update on those.

I haven't done too badly at them, I think.

  • be more open about my thoughts and feelings with the people I trust (ie: I will stop pretending to not experience anger or annoyance and start allowing myself to express them a little bit): Very much accomplished and going well. I actually got into a minor argument with a friend recently,  and we resolved it well.
  • leap before I look: I don't care to give details too much on this, but this DEFINITELY has been working for me.
  • exercise.: Sort of accomplished. I'm not taking the greenies anymore, and I take the stairs on the way down out of buildings. I've also been missing class fairly frequently lately, though, sooooooo.
  • talk to people besides my teeny-tiny close-knit friends group and super insular floor: Doing it, and it's fantastic! Yes, there are still days and weeks where it's mostly my floor, but I've made friends with people on other floors and sometimes I go creep on them. I'm also living with a super-diverse four-suite/two floors group of people next year, none of whom I really know. I'm so excited for it!
  • One craft a week, and one short story a week, and posting them: eeeeh yeahhhhh. I kind of need to work on that a little. Granted, none of the things I've written lately have really been short story material, exactly - the last thing I wrote was an extremely personal, somewhat rambling, stream of consciousness. Literally, I just wrote down everything I thought. Cathartic, but not bloggable, really, unless this were a much more personal blog. As for crafts... I have a couple of projects paused midway, and no time to work on them. Maybe I'll get better at keeping this resolution as we head into summer? I can hope so!

Have you been accomplishing your Resolutions this year?


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