I Can't Believe

I love that this linkup is a thing - I like to have reasons to pay attention to the good things happening in my life, because sometimes they get overwhelmed by the crazy things and the negative things.

I can't believe...that I listened to Hips Don't Lie for two hours on repeat while doing homework last night. I'm pretty sure that's not homework music, and yet...
Seriously. It's not homework music, and yet it was the only thing I listened to while doing my Accounting last night.

I can't believe...that this is the last week of classes. (Okay, Monday there are classes still, but who cares, it's literally just Monday next week!)

I can't believe...that I forgot my umbrella this morning despite seeing that it was already raining in the area. Not the smartest thing I've ever done..

I can't believe...that I'm going to get to attend an event where you smash cars with sledgehammers for free. Best pre-finals stress reliever EVER.

I can't believe...that I'm officially a member of Alpha Kappa Psi! I know it happened last week, but it's still pretty exciting!

What can't you believe about this week?


  1. Wow I dodnt hear that song in a years! Nice and congratulation!
    Thank you so mug for that lovely comment you left on my blog and thanks for following me on bloglovin! I really appreciate it xx


    1. I hadn't actually heard it until someone did a performance with it at my school, and it's kind of gotten stuck in my brain since then. And thanks!

      I always love to find new blogs, so I was happy to spot yours!


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