papers and madness!

This has been a good week - the crazy hasn't been too bad, other than a few self-imposed instances where I procrastinated/emotion relieved with Skyrim a liiiiiittle too much. (It's a little known fact, but it's very therapeutic to run around stabbing things in a video game when you can't in real life). Some of my favorites from the last two weeks (you know, from the moments when I wasn't playing Skyrim or panicking over homework and tests...)

This like, made my day when I saw it. I absolutely love Jenna Lyons (and okay I might've had a squealing attack when I found out about her relationship with Courtney Crangi - two out women in fashion? Hell yes! I'm glad they're helping a little to dispel the 'all women interested in women are manly/unfashionable' stereotype that's still surviving, besides the fact they're just plain awesome).

I'm always mystified by the Beliebers' fervid defense of Bieber. He's an adult, he can, believe it or not, defend himself if he needs to. Granted, I'm mystified by anyone who becomes so devoted to something that they lose all ability to be rational or sensible, so I suppose they merely fall into line with a very long list of people and fandoms. Olivia Wilde's response - both to Bieber being shirtless, and to that tweet - is amusing and perfect.


I'm a Scorpio, guys. (Well, Scorpio side of the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp, actually, but I'm not going to unleash my astrology obsession on y'all). These shoes...were made for a Scorpio. Now I just have to figure out the mechanics of affording these beauties, and I can fulfill yet another Scorpio stereotype (...well, fulfill it again, I already own a Scorpion necklace and ring...) They're gorgeous enough to make that worth it.

This bracelet is beautiful and I desperately want it.


What were your favorites for the week?


  1. I love the Zodiac shoes. I have been stalking my Leo ones for months.

    I love the Olivia Wilde pictures. Too funny.


    1. They're all so beautiful! I love the Sagittarius clutch too - yay for being a cusp! - but I'm pretty sure I can't manage to afford more than one, if that.

      And she's definitely fantastic!

  2. HAHA I can't believe Bieber fans actually exist either! It all seems like a joke to me

    Sophisticated Lace

    1. I keep asking the middle-school aged/early highschool girls I know to try to explain the appeal to me, but none of them can. I kind of want to wake up one day to the news that Justin Bieber was actually an elaborate social experiment or something...


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