Cleveland Broke Me

If last week was a bit of madness, this weekend was a bout of concentrated and wasted energy. I sleep when I don't want to do anything, and I slept a lot last Saturday (17 hours...) It was my friend Ally's birthday, and if you've been following for a while, well, Ally died over winter break, and sometimes it gets a little difficult to function. I managed to get things done on Sunday, at least, and I'm looking forward to a week that gets a little less mad after...okay, it never stops being crazy, I'm just trying to be optimistic. I have a research paper, that is currently very half-baked, due tomorrow, have to watch a documentary and do a discussion of it for one of my classes tonight, Wednesday, I have Honor Court for the fraternity I'm pledging, and Thursday we have our final. Friday's a brief moment of sanity, Saturday will feature several important events in a very short timeframe, and Sunday, maybe I'll be lucky enough to sleep. Maybe.

Last week was quite nice - or, if you judge by the fact it was 43 degrees Fahrenheit when I left for class today, and I decided to leave in shorts and was comfortable, Cleveland's simply broken me - and presented some fun events.

Monday was unremarkable, other than an Arabic test. Tuesday was much more interesting - there was an event featuring LGBT professionals discussing their experiences being out in the workplace, which was really interesting. It also featured the lesson to not wear stretch bracelets where you can access the place the elastic has been tied - I start to fidget with the knot, and it just comes undone and beads fly everywhere. Highly embarrassing.

Trench - thrifted | Jacket/Dress/Shoes/Belt - F21

Wednesday happened next, and featured pledge class - our last one! - and planning for our event this Saturday. I'm terrified and excited, since the event is one of the determinants of our acceptance as a pledge class. Fingers crossed for it to be good! Wednesday also featured the arrival of my new sunglasses, which was very excited. My roommate though I looked really cool with my trench unbuttoned and my sunnies on, so, naturally, I had to get a picture of it. (We might have traded my sunglasses back and forth taking pictures for a while, but shhh).

Jacket/pants/boots - F21 | Shirt - DEB | Sunglasses - 80s Purple

Thursday was the day I abruptly realized I really needed to begin working on my research paper for SAGES - I don't think I'd really thought about that "due next Tuesday" deadline much until then. There was also another event, sponsored in-part by the fraternity I'm pledging, which involved networking with alumni. It was pretty fun, although I'm hoping that the more often I attend events like that, the less awkwardly nervous I'll become. At least the first person I spoke with seemed to appreciate my babbling about how Humans vs. Zombies is currently played at Case... I'm afraid HvZ was literally all I could think about the instant I started talking. I suppose it helped that someone in his class had started it at Case! I might have also joined yet another organization that night as well... I may yet achieve my goal of becoming my friend Celena. (I probably won't - she's too unique for that, but I can try). (Also of note, y'all...shirtdresses can be very awkward, invest in ways to make them not be staticky and clingy and you'll be a lot more comfortable in them...)

Dress/shoes - F21 | Belt - swiped from Mother | Cuff bracelet - thrifted

How was your past week? I hope, as always, that this week will be a little less frantic for you than it is for me!



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