can't stop watching

It's a little known fact, at least here, but I'm absolutely crazy in love with the webcomic/medium Homestuck. It's weird, full of Nic Cage's face (and Dante Basco references...), self inserts of the author, time paradoxes, and all sorts of types of crazy. Oh, and the apocalypse happens a few different times. It's absolutely amazing, at least to me, and I follow the fandom as well, because sometimes it produces absolutely stunning things. A lot of the fans are artists and musicians (hey, the aforementioned Dante Basco is a fan, and Snoop Dogg Lion tweeted about it a while back (apparently once he was mentioned, the fandom decided he should read it?)) - in fact, a lot of things in the series are done by fans, who Hussie, the author, hires. It's a very interactive series, and inspires a lot of people. A while ago, last summer, it went on a temporary hiatus, so that Hussie could work on a few very labor-intensive updates. Without the usual multi-page updates, the fandom got a little crazy, and dreamed up animestuck, where they...went and started turning out pieces of an anime version of the webcomic. To the best of my knowledge, nobody's actually tried to do the whole thing, or really much more than an opening sequence or a few seriously cool scenes, but it seems to have inspired a serious interest in animating the characters to cool music. And now we come to my latest obsession...

Cool, right? Right. I'm just going to go back to watching this like a madwoman and squealing at how cool everything is.

Do you ever get really into certain things, to the point of, well, obsessing over them?


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