I Can't Believe

I can't believe...that I'm sick again, or that I'm actually considered a capable adult when my response to sickness is to not sleep and play Skyrim. I mean, I'm not gonna have access to it after finals so?

I can't believe...that I didn't think to even warn anyone when I realized I wasn't going to have the energy to post yesterday.

I can't believe...that there's really only one week of classes left!

I can't believe...how confusing apartment and utility stuff is! I'm glad I only had to research it for a project...

I can't believe...how nice it's been here lately! It's nice and not super-cold and it's wonderful (other than all the pollen, but oh well, let's ignore that stuff).


  1. I hope you feel better. I was sick a couple weekends ago and I could barely hold my head up. I think I slept like 40 hours out of 48.


    1. Thanks! I am finally beginning to feel better. And that sounds awful! I'm glad you're better now, though.

  2. I loooove that car ears headband and the malachite DIY! I might have to do that yo my old coffee table once I get back home! :)

    Sophisticated Lace

    1. I know, they're sooo gorgeous and fun! I'm hoping I'll find an excuse to paint something like that - maybe I'll find something small I could try it with! If you try it on your coffee table, I hope you'll share it on your blog, since I bet it'd be cool!


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