"What if Money Was No Object?"

Back on Tuesday, I was on facebook before class when one of my classmates and fraternity brothers (professional fraternities are great for confusing people with words, by the way) posted a video on her wall. Its title is something my mother always likes to ask me when we're discussing what I want to do with my life: "What if Money Was No Object?" I, personally, think it's pretty powerful.

I'm a business major because my only tangible goal with college has been to learn something practical so that I can make money. It's not a real interest in the material - though we'll see if that changes when I enter the marketing and management courses. I've never allowed myself to honestly think about what I'd do if money was no object, because money's always been an object - I've always brushed aside the question with a non-answer such as "heck if I know", and very consciously avoided thinking about it. Watching this, in the front row of a lecture hall, I actually slipped and thought about it, and well: I'd do everything. I'd write, I'd design clothes, I'd make art of all kinds, I'd study how the human mind works and why it works, I'd work with animals, I'd do everything I could in order to experience the full range of life that I am capable of living. I didn't want to really think about it because it's not really possible, but I suppose, now that I've thought of it, I kind of want to see if I could do it.

What would you do if money were no object?


  1. Well hello gorgeous;-)

  2. If money was no object I would build a beautiful home and travel the world while it was being built. I also would donate huge sums of money to animal shelters.


    1. That sounds nice...and definitely an awesome thing to do!

  3. If money was no object, I would explore life. Travel, meet new people, learn about new things, expand my mind and horizons, enrichen the soul... the possibilities are endless. I wish we were back to that barter thang. LOL!

    Love the way you write! thanks for posting intellectually stimulating discussions.

    BTW, would you like to follow each other?


    1. That sounds fantastic! I definitely agree, sometimes I think it'd be pretty cool if we went back to bartering. I mean, in some ways, it would be the same, because money is just a medium for the exchange of goods and services by serving as a transfer point that can be utilized by those it has been paid to, but I feel like bartering would be interesting, and maybe it would dispense with a lot of the stupid things we go through with cash, such as inflation and such. It would definitely change how businesses worked, though, if they still worked...

      Thank you very much! I enjoy writing about lots of topics, and when something smacks me like this did, I definitely like to post them on my blog. Much easier to be wordy on my blog than on, say, facebook or something.

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    1. That's really awesome! I'm glad you get to do what you love, then.

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