Well Helloooo There~

It's been a rough month since you last saw a post from me.  Not that I was particularly prolific before that, but I had intended to post over break.  Unfortunately, on the 21st of December, the Apocalypse happened.  No, fire and brimstone didn't rain on my house (pretty sure that would have made the news), but one my close friends died that day.  It's literally a day away from being a full month that she's been gone, and yet, just her name is almost enough to reduce me to a sobbing wreck.  Her death clarified some things for me, though they were things that were already coalescing, and I wish they had been allowed a slower genesis rather than the horrible event that clarified them.  As a result, here I sit, typing this.  I can't tell you all my future plans with perfect clarity, but I can say this: I'm majoring in Business Management, officially, and I plan to get into the fashion industry somehow.  I have plans related to that, but I need to do my homework and learn how things work before I will feel confident acting on them.  I wound up laying out a blog schedule recently, too, and barring a solid mental breakdown/really terrible procrastination, I should keep to it.

We're starting this new schedule tomorrow.  I'm trying to actually show more of my creativity on here, not just pictures of what I wear.  There will still be that element, but it will be decreasing to one post of outfits per week.  It'll be all the outfits of that week, sure, but it'll be just one post.  Other days will get other themes.  Hopefully you'll like it! I've been so hesitant to do anything other than my outfit posts for so long,  but I'm trying to be less fearful of risk now.

Speaking of which... My New Years' resolutions.

  • be more open about my thoughts and feelings with the people I trust (ie: I will stop pretending to not experience anger or annoyance and start allowing myself to express them a little bit)
  • leap before I look. I know, wrong way around, but when I look, I second-guess myself and that just screws me up. My instincts are nearly always dead-on, and I need to learn to trust myself.
  • exercise. (I know the specifics of this, but it mostly involves taking the greenies less and walking more...once I get over my sprained ankle, though, because I am not voluntarily subjecting myself to multiple miles of pure agony).
  • talk to people besides my teeny-tiny close-knit friends group and super insular floor. There are a LOT of people on this campus, a lot of whom I know, and it is patently absurd that I only talk to about the same fifteen people per day. Also, it's not okay. I need lots of social time, and while my friends' group and floor are highly diverse, ultimately, the people I associate with the most are a certain type, and it bugs me that this is a thing.
  • One craft a week, and one short story a week. Simple, and this time, I'm posting each of them so that there's a bit of accountability.
That's all.  I hope you like what's going to be happening around here! (Also, I intend to make a new banner and do some redesign soon-ish, because it's been too long!)


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