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Titles like this happen when I pull out my Carrie Underwood CD and get into writing while singing along loudly... I seem to be listening to more and more country music as graduation, and thus, leaving Texas for college, gets closer. For all my multitude of complaining over the years about how much I hate it here, it seems that, in the end, I do love Texas.

Speaking of the whole graduation thing, I believe I owe a post on my Senior Party outfit. We had the "S Party" as our theme, so everyone had to come dressed as stuff starting with "S". A lot of surgeons and "Safai" people, big surprise, as well as quite a few smurfs, sunflowers, swimmers, and even one Sting Ray. (She was the most creative costume of the night, honestly...) I was one of the unique ones, because I came as a Scorpio - aka my astrological sign. I actually put a bit of thought into the outfit. Scorpios are supposed to be dark and mysterious, passionate and odd, and I wanted to convey that somehow. I looked up Scorpio colors - red, black, purple, gold - and gemstones - opal being on the list was a cool surprise for me, actually, and brainstormed on how to bring out their 'cool' reputation in an outfit. Oh, and I used fabric paint on a shirt of mine, though you may not be able to see the symbol in the pictures. Should've taken them before it got dark...

Vest - thrifted | Shirt - F21 + DIY | Skirt - JWU for Target | Shoes/clutch - F21 | Ring/red bracelet - F21

I wound up not actually staying at the party for more than an hour - seems like everyone not in my group of friends showed up drunk and they were all dropping. We got sick of it after an ambulance had to come for a girl, and went off to Braums for ice cream.

Of course, I've worn my JWu for Target skirt more than just to the senior party... Want some more pictures?

Blazer/long necklace - thrifted | Tights/shoes - F21 | Purse - R21 | Shirt - Kohl's

What's your opinion on all Target's designer collabs? And who's coming up next!? I can't remember at all, but  I really want to know if it's worth getting excited about or not. (ex; JWu was worth the excitement, Missoni was not).


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