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Ah, it's good to be blogging again. I know things are going to get hectic again soon, since graduation party invites are beginning to come in, and exams are coming up. I got my acceptance to Case Western Reserve a few days ago, and they mentioned, in the letter, that they liked hearing about my passion for fashion and blogging, which was awesome! (And if any of them happen to be reading this, HI!) Anyhow, up for my favorite pins of the week? Let's go, then!

These are from the lemlem line, which is run by Liya Kebede, in an effort to help keep traditional weaving alive in her native Ethiopia. Everything in her line is gorgeous, as is she. One of the things I love Refinery 29 for is that they cover women like her on a frequent basis. How many people would have a bad opinion of people in fashion if they saw Liya Kebede's on a daily basis rather than Karl Lagerfeld's? I guarantee you the positive feelings about fashion would be a LOT higher. And maybe what's in fashion would get classier.

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I've been wanting a meditation garden for absolute ages. Somewhere quiet I can go and just relax, breathe, and let stress go sounds pretty nice. Of course, I'm going to spend a lot longer wanting one before I can ever have one, since I'm pretty sure the next ten years of my life will be dorms and apartments with no yard for me to mess with, but eventually...a meditation garden will be mine.
I squealed when I saw this dress. I cried when I glanced at the price. And now I'm just drooling from afar at it and reminding myself that being able to afford ludicrously expensive things is one of my reasons for college. (Others include, for example, turning myself into a full-fledged polyglot instead of "that chick who can swear at you in five languages and talk at you in two"... I think those numbers should be even with each other, personally...)
Amandla Stenberg is the epitome of human perfection. That is honestly how I feel about her. She's obviously sweet and smart, she's so cute she could make a stretchy, silk, brown/white/neon yellow plaid, sequined dress look good. (I'm not kidding, that dress I just described exists...) The fact that she does not wear these ugly things and turn them cute speaks to the fact that she (or her stylist) have good taste, and honestly, she makes cute things like this dress even cuter. Also, one of my dreams is to cuddle Ms. Stenberg. Yep... She looks very cuddle-able.
Hello, one of my many mottos in life. Although, it seems to be very hard for people to ignore me irl, even when I'm not doing anything or being interesting. Odd, but something I've gotten used to. (And the reason I'll never be a spy...unless attracting people like whoa, the unexpected, is now the "sekrit wepon" or which case...)
I don't think I'd post this is it wasn't basically what the Republican primary has become since Ms. Fluke stepped into the limelight. I don't use birth control (yet; it's lost in the abyss my couch), though I need it to keep my period's abnormally-heavy-flow from trying to kill me - something my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother all almost died from (and all got hysterectomies because of). There are legitimate reasons for abortions that so many people don't think about - stillborns (why keep it inside you if it's already dead!?), babies with those rare and horrible defects that mean they'll die the instant they come into the world (they're basically as dead as a stillborn - not actually dead, but they will die very soon, and you can't actually DO anything about it), rape/incest (the children of the former are, I'd guess, more likely to be abused/neglected (emotional trauma, anyone?), while kids of the latter are more likely to have various issues, and let's not even get started on kids that are a product of both...) Basically put, I'm for all this stuff. (Also, I've never actually been called a prude for not wanting to have sex with someone - I've just been called a slut, anyhow, despite not even having sex... I feel like people need to get more creative with their insults! It's always the same boring little vulgar words for women, and they're ALWAYS related to our sexual activities or lack thereof... It's ridiculous).
Source not found :(
Favorite quote from Mockingjay. Every time I read it, I feel like marching off to war against the Capitol too. (Collins' is a heck of a writer, making people feel that much rage against a non-existent place). Also, if anyone knows the source, please let me know! I'd love to fix the pin I've got of it on pinterest, but I couldn't find the original when I hit up Google, even with that new gadget where you upload an image and it finds similar ones for you.
This... Do I need to explain why I love this? (Hint, it's the word "FABULOUS" in pink down there...)

What are your favorites of the week? And maybe, your opinions on the whole birth control debacle that the Republican primary's turned into? (If you do decide to comment, especially on that, please keep it respectful, though - as in, no insults, like the guys have been brandying about...)


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