I've Always Been a Book Girl

Last weekend, I spent five hours waiting to get my dependent ID (aka the thing that entitles me to military insurance, thanks to my mom serving) renewed. That entire time was spent reading books I love, and at some point, it occurred to me that I hadn't had the chance to read for fun in a long time. I'm not joking - I've only managed to read one "new" book series this year - the Hunger Games. I'm just always so incredibly busy that I barely have time to breathe, it feels like.

So, after the jump, here are some of the books I want to read, and am going to try to hunt down! (Also, yes, I actually have discovered how to do jumps now! Only took a year...)

I actually found a copy at Half-Priced Books a while back, but they pay horribly for the books that get sold back to them. (Yeah, they buy "half price", it's more like "eight price"...) Thus, I lacked the funds for an interesting book. (Can't use the library, because we're not in any particular city or county, officially...)

Okay, I actually need to read the second one too, but I haven't managed to find the name of it... I read the first a few years ago, and I've been hunting for a sequel ever since. That same trip to Half-Price Books that introduced me to the first book helped me find this. Sob. I always find amazing things when I can't afford them.

This series of books has had me wanting them since I spotted the first one. I can't even describe my elation upon realizing there were more, and now, my only issue is managing to get ahold of them to actually read them all. The other two in the series are Violet by Design and Violet in Private, and I just want to read them all NOW.

This book is, according to my English teacher, basically Heart of Darkness with women and set in the Amazon. I hated Heart of Darkness, but something about this book interests me. Maybe the fact that it's women as the main characters? I know at least half my issues with Heart of Darkness was the utter failure to adequately characterize any of the women who showed up, not to mention how utterly Conrad failed to grasp anything about what women really are like. I hope for better from this book, and mean to swipe borrow it from my teacher when I get the chance.

What books are on your reading lists?


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