Escape Key, and My Bracelets

Last semester, my friend Betsy began work on her Girl Scout Gold Award project. I expected she'd do something related to making stuff for the school or something - so sue me, I didn't get past Junior in Girl Scouts - since that's what all the Boy Scouts do for their Eagle Projects. Instead, she started bringing an enormous jar of beads and plastic "string" (I don't know what to call it...) to school, and making bracelets. Two colors per bracelet, and then, in the middle, she'd just pop in a random one in a third color, and continued. What she said then, when I asked, and now, on her website, Escape Key, is that:

"The bracelets are more than just a bunch of cute colors. The two contradictory colors show that even the smallest differences are what make our own colors shine brighter. The blue bead cannot help that it is a different color and cannot change itself. It breaks the pattern. 
Without the odd bead, the world would be an endless, boring, binary pattern."

Now, not every bracelet has a blue bead as its different color - one of mine has an orange bead as its unique one - but most of them do. Betsy's bracelets really took off at our high school - I think every student and faculty member has at least one by now, and I think she's promoted them a bit at our lower school and middle school. It's a cool project, not for the subject matter - bullying sucks, and there are loads of campaigns against it - but for the way she has chosen to handle the subject itself.

While the bracelets aren't really available over the internet, on her bracelets page she has a video demonstrating how to make them, and what with. They're cheap, easy to make and explain, and generally a good thing.


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