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So, as you might have noticed, I'm a member in the Bloggers Do It Better movement. And right now, as I sit in an off period when I should be doing homework I'm working out what I want to do for this current challenge, Prep School. I have a tie to use, without having to swipe one from my father. It has a life story; I found it in our school's theater, where it had apparently been for a few weeks, while Film Club was making stuff that I was in (along with a cardboard cutout of Austin Powers - I'll show you a picture at the end of this, for sure!), and so, appropriated it. It's on my head in the picture I'll show you, though it's kinda hard to see the pattern. Anyhow, so I've got the tie. And I've got several oxfords (white, cap-puffy-sleeved, fitted; yellow, three-quarter-sleeves, fitted; white, long-sleeved, over-sized). The first, I usually use for my Eucharist uniform (Episcopal school; we wear an ugly plaid jumper over an oxford), the second I sometimes use for sleeping because it's so comfy, and the third I tend to use as a jacket. Obviously, oxfords are what you generally wear a tie with. I'm probably going to be ruling the first one out, as it doesn't button up to the neck, and that's kind of awkward with a tie. I will definitely be going with a skirt, too, as I'm kind of lacking in the slacks department. I did mention my old idea of nice clothing was jeans and a plain shirt, right? Yeah. My idea for this is to wear a thrift store find of mine. I wore it for the APLang exam, but never got around to taking pictures, thanks to a tornado watch and a wreck. (I wasn't in the car. My dad was driving our house guest to her job, and all the power was out, so no lights. So, four way stop rule kicks in at intersection. They've just about cleared the intersection, car comes out of nowhere at 50 mph, crashes into the back side of the car, where my mother had been sitting a few minutes before, when they dropped her off at work. Lady's in a stolen car with stolen things in the back, flips out, drives off, end result: totaled car, dad's fine, house guest has a broken arm, and had a reaction mimicking a stroke to the pain meds they put her on. MY WEEKEND WAS AWESOME GUYS.)

Anyhow, I'm thinking I'll pair the yellow oxford with the thrift store find (you'll see it when I post it!) and either tights or skinny jeans underneath. I don't own any blazers or vests, boo. I miiiiiight be able to swipe one from my mother, but it's uncertain. I might try a tank top as a vest though, since I have plenty of those, and that tends to look sort of similar. It all depends on what I think I can do that particular day. But definitely wearing it with skinny jeans. If I do that, I'll also be sure to use my oversized oxford as a jacket. I think that'd look...interesting, at least.

In the meantime, I'm looking at blazers and vests for the future, because this summer, I'll finally be able to manage the money to buy them. (Moolah is difficult when you don't get to work (stupid school hours and homework load) and your mother is like "money lolwhy no".)

Forever 21 Mock Denim Blazer
I loooooooooove this one because a) cheap, and I do like cheap, and b) it's denim, and that's kind of a funny twist with a blazer. It's so serious, but then it's in a fun material like denim. (I admit, I love denim. I've also basically lived my life in close to nothing but denim! Well, denim and broadcloth, because uniform makers suck).

Forever 21 Cropped Tuxedo Blazer
Can I just say I'm obsessed with tuxedo jackets/blazers/whatever? I just love the look and the feel and life would be perfect if I found one in denim. (I'm not joking. I would wear it with my LBD and it would be epic). However, I wouldn't turn this lovely thing down either. It looks comfy, and has a decent price.

I also love Charlotte Russe's Satin-Trimmed Knit Blazer. It's just so pretty and gorgeous and fft. I love the white detailing on it. So adorable! Out of my price range are two lovely Urban Outfitter blazers: BDG Tara Classic Blazer and Sessun Kensington Blazer. So much pretty and way too expensive for me. Maybe I'll trawl  thrift stores once school's out, hunting something lovely down.

Onto the vests, which I've been OBSESSED with for years. And I mean obsessed. I love these things and I keep planning to buy one and then stuff comes up and I don't and am thus sad.

Buckle Street Flower Flyaway Vest
I normally like very sleek, fitted, simple vests, with lots and lots of buttons, but I like this cute little thing. I think it's the contrast of colors (or, according to physics, the absence of color and abundance... Hey, I learned something in there!) and the detailing at the top.

Buckle Daytrip Sequin Back Flyaway Vest
I would've totally passed this by if it didn't say 'sequin back'. Curiosity struck, I clicked, and fell in love with the back. It's just so pretty and squee worthy. Gotta love sequins. (Hey, if it isn't fitted, it should be interesting).

Buckle Daytrip Military Vest
BUTTONS SQUEAL! I love buttons on vests. And buttons in general. And military style. (My mom is a legit retired Navy lieutenant-commander, and I've lost track of the times I've borrowed her hats and jackets and "forgotten" to return them till she threatened to take my books away). I can't help it. It's so cool looking! (And besides, it's fair play; she swipes my books ALL THE TIME and forgets to return them, forgets even borrowing them. I just return the favor...and enjoy awesomeness in the meantime).

The next group (Charlotte Russe and Urban Outfitters) don't get pictures because they only post enormous pictures of these things. :'|

From Charlotte Russe, we have like four vests, which I love. I like really simple designs on vests, and I want them fitted and buttonable. No zippers, no cropped. I love the double breasted style too. (I don't mind the flowy ones too much, so long as they're interesting; and yes, I basically already kinda gave this speech already...) So, these four: Ruched Sateen Vest (shiny, weird back, but right length and fitted, I like it), White Pinstripe Vest (admit it, this is super cute and looks divine; I'd wear it with a black shirt, and go way simple with whatever else so that the attention's on this gorgeous vest), Double-Breasted Linen Vest (I love the shape and the buttons and everything about this thing. But I love anything double-breasted, it just looks good), Pinstripe Button-Front Vest (it looks a little awkward there, but I think it could work). From Urban Outfitters, I have just one (the rest of their vests, tbh, make me go 'eww'), the Lucca Couture Floral Vest, which is fitted, and floral. Which means it was inevitable I would like it.

Now, the promised EPIC win picture of me and cardboard!Austin:
I will admit, this picture was taken primarily to mess with a friend of mine. She didn't notice that it was cardboard until a few hours after it became my profile picture back in December (no, it's not anymore...)

Anyhow, what do you like in your blazers and vests? Any specific 'IT MUST BE THIS' kind of things?


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