So I'm looking for dresses to wear to graduation this year. A lot of my friends are in the grade above me, and it's kind of sad to see them leaving, though it's also really exciting/scary to realize that my grade's going to be doing this a year from now too. I've got a dress as a fall back in case I realize I can't actually get anything due to allowance problems (the pink version of this; I think they've sold out of the pink, at least, though they've still got white and blue). It's really comfortable, though it's also tight. Not sure how it worked out to be both. I wore it earlier this year to Junior Unity Day at my school, and got quite a few compliments. If I do wind up wearing it, I think I'll pair it with something other than the wedges I wore for JUDay. Probably some wedges I got in Spain; they're black and really high. I love them! Just need to do a temp fix on the sole.

I'm mainly looking at Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. And, of course, posting some of my favorites. The time, I'm sure, could be better spent on PreCalculus, but I've mostly given up hope on understanding Trig.

Belted Cold Shoulder Tunic Dress - A Charlotte Russe dress. I love the exposed shoulders - I think it's really cute! - and the way it drapes. I never see it in the actual stores around here, though, which is kind of sad. I only really buy shoes online, because otherwise, my sizing fluctuates way too much to be even slightly reliable. And sizing charts on websites aren't always accurate either - I bought a romper earlier this year, which has become pajamas because it's very comfortable...and also falling off my shoulders. My rant on sizing for the day, done.  Back on the dress, though, while there is a black version, I like the bright blue color too. It's such a pretty shade.
Zebra Hacci Knit Dress - I will admit that, if it didn't say 'zebra' in the name, I wouldn't have actually recognized it. It looked like a really cool abstract print, vaguely rose-like, and then I read the name and looked closer and it was zebra! Doesn't change how much I like it though.
Floral Ruffle Tiered Dress - I'm a sucker for florals, and then it also has this blue mesh and ah, it's just adorable! Though, I will admit, it seems more backyard-wedding than graduation-and-then-lunch-with-friends.
Metallic Print Tube Dress - I think my prom dress got me addicted to shiny dresses, because I've definitely found myself looking quite a bit at metallic and embellished things lately. It's weird to think that liking this would have embarrassed me not even a full year ago. And again, bright blue is involved. Hm, I spy a pattern in what I'm liking right now.
One Shoulder Dress with Slit - Prom also gave me a craving for slits and the like. Also, this dress is why I despise online exclusives. They throw you a shiny pretty bauble but don't make it available enough to be convenient. :< I would buy this if I could actually try it on, but for now, it has to stay a pipe dream. (And LOOK, it's BLUE again!!!)
Bow-Tie Cap Sleeve Dress - Isn't this cute? I just adore the top bit so much. Do they make jackets like the top part of this? I think I need one.
Silky Ruffled Halter Dress - Oh, hey, it's some more red! Not a rival for blue yet, but it might manage to be. I just love halters of all kinds. They're pretty, they're cute, and they have a major advantage over strapless: no worrying about bending over. The ruffles on this are adorable - I love ruffles.
On a Whim Tube Dress - I don't think I could pull this pattern off, but I love it. Patterns are super cute, and I love to see people wear them. Some day, I'll be brave enough to try more of them.

Those are my Charlotte Russe picks; now, onward to my Forever 21 picks.
Braided Trim Dress - I'm annoyed they didn't have pictures of the other colors, though. I did like the purple, at least. Pretty cute.
Strapless Paisley Dress and Smocked Flower Dress - They're in reds! And blues! I'm in love! Okay, exclamation marks aside, I really do like these two. The patterns are lovely, and they're pretty summer dresses.
Wavy Hibiscus Tube Dress - Seriously, if I have money for a dress, I'm buying this and wearing the JUDay one to graduation. Legit in love with this; the pattern is gorgeous and it looks so comfortable. Can definitely see this with some gladiator sandals and a floppy hat of awesome proportions.
Ruched Metallic Dress - The shiny strikes again! I don't think I can pull this off until I actually achieve some of my diet goals, but it's very pretty. Motivation...?
Retro Print Dress - Yeah, I'm kind of loving on the prints here... XD I can't help it! So many of them are absolutely lovely. And I adore retro-y stuff.
Ikat Dress - Leeeeeeet's just say I'm in love with the Ikat stuff I'm seeing on their website, including this dress. There's a swimsuit in the same pattern that I'm not-so-secretly dying for.
Cascading Flowers Dress - Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh. It's simply lovely. I might have to handle a showdown between this and that Hibiscus Tube Dress... If I got it, I think I'd get it in the navy. Vaguely school spirit-y, but also really pretty.
Paisley Empire Waist Dress - It's got a sort of Indian vibe to it, if you ask me. Something about how incredibly detailed the pattern is. I just love the way it looks. Doesn't hurt that I love dresses like this one in the first place.
Ruffled Woven Dress - I did mention I like ruffles, right? This is so cute! I also like how it falls. Another that looks like it would be comfortable while being nice. Wedges for sure, with this.
Elegant Satin Dress - Those sleeves are the best part. They're a fun touch on an otherwise dull dress, and what made me notice it.

And that's it folks! I didn't pick everything I liked - by the way - because I'm pretty sure I'd have had roughly twice the amount of dresses I do. At least. Definitely excited for graduation, though I bet I might start crying!


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