DIY Wrapping a Tiny Package

Last week, my friend had a birthday. For it, I got her this cross necklace. The main problem, I realized, at around eleven pm the night before her birthday, was that I couldn't really wrap it. Until I found a tiny plastic zip lock that it fit in...and then it clicked. It matched perfectly with a tiered thing of pull-off paper that I have. They're about the size of your average Post-It notes, and I generally use them to keep notes on a mini-bulletin board made of cardboard that I keep in my room. This time, however, they became wrapping. How? I'll show you!

Here they are, in all their glory. Terrible photography, of course. The night before the APUSH exam is hardly conducive to doing anything very well (other than panicking, of course!)

So, the two sides of it, complete with their yellow borders. Happily, the colors I had are the ones she likes! I picked the green side to be the front of the package, where I would decorate a bit and write a little message, since green is her favorite color.

I had to hunt this tiny little bow down in my stacks of buttons and miscellaneous items, but it totally worked for this! I found it at JoAnn's ages ago (aka something like four or five years...) in a pack of like six. I'm not sure what happened to the rest, but this was finally found in my button box. Stuck it on with some tacky glue. But there was still a little more!

I taped it down a little more, to make it behave, then scribbled my little happy birthday to her (and a cake with something like seventeen candles on it, of course). If I do this again for something else, I think I'll have to use double-sided tape so it looks prettier. I'm also in the process of splitting the colors up so I'm not worrying about snapping things apart and just making it look nice. The colors looked sweet, but I think I'd have rather done it with say, less yellow and more blue and green. But I am SO going to try acquiring some more of these little bows or something like them. I love them!


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