APUSH Means No Uniform!

Both APUSH classes this morning.
Well...I'll admit that half the purpose of this, doing this on some sort of semi-regular basis, is seeing how my style plays out, the other half is to get used to cameras (when I went to Spain, I hid behind other people in all the group photos and now I feel like a moron). Besides, opportunities to wear real, non-uniform clothing comes few and far between during the school year, for me. The upside of uniforms is that I can and do get dressed in the dark (not really the 'dark', more like the 'I can't see because I'm actually still asleep' kind of dark), the downside is that ours are ugly. Plaid skirts, plaid jumpers that look cute on little girls but not teenagers, see-through blouses (thank god we don't have to wear midis anymore! If you don't know what those are, think sailor shirts like in anime, but with the opacity turned way down - they were HORRIBLE), and oversized polo shirts lovingly emblazoned with our school's name. The only jackets allowed must a) be black, grey, or white, b) bought from the school store, and c) have the school's full name on them, in order to be okay for us to wear. Basically, most days I'm at school, I'm in an ugly skirt, oversized polo (when not winter; during winter - then I wear my jacket and no one can tell that I'm out of uniform), and a thin grey jacket that could easily fit a body builder (it lets me go sans polo and wear extra jackets, during winter). Sooo boring. Out of uniform days are the days when I wear things that I know annoy administration the most that they can't punish me for on those days. Such as today. We had out of uniform for the APUSH exam, and I took full advantage.

Headband - Forever 21 | Jacket - thrifted | t-shirt - vintage (Mom's dresser - she IS almost 60 (don't tell her I told)) | Jeans - Macy's | Sandals - Payless




I'll see you with another - yes, another! - on Sunday, straight after prom. Till then, have fun with whatever you're doing today.


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