Whee, stuff!

So hi, first 'hey look what I got!!' thing. XD It's a sort of column-y thing that should run bi-monthly (aka when I receive my allowance) showing off some of the stuff I buy. Since I didn't get into fashion till recently, my wardrobe was basically composed of school shirts, my school uniform, a few dresses my mother had insisted upon, one really long skirt, and a ton of shoes. Since I'm heavily addicted to shoes, I finally had to put myself on a shoe diet, not too long ago (it makes me sad, but I'll repeal it when I finally have a decent wardrobe and can again blow money on epically tall heels), just so I could try and accumulate some decent casual clothing. My mom has bad taste in clothing (case in point: even before I got interested in fashion, I had to help her shop, because of how bad she is with clothing), so my more formal-ish clothing is more fourty than seventeen, but I've been fixing that with cheap dresses that look expensive. It works out well.

However, this week was, in fact, not a payday, so this was on last week's money (which was spent on breakfast because I was late every day this week). Still, not too bad for a random batch of buys - five turquioise-y bracelets for $1.50 (USD), two awesome headbands, a birthday present for a friend (not shown, sorry), and a bottle of nail polish (also not shown; you'll see the color when I post prom pictures - because PROM IS TOMORROW). Not too bad, I'd say. XD It's all from Forever 21, pictures taken by me.


So, my fabulous feathered headband. Hopefully you can see it well! If not, know that it's brown and looks way cooler if the headband piece is around the back of the head and the feathers are handing down in front.

My knotted and awesome headband, which got tons of compliments when I wore it in to school today. That shirt is my uniform polo, but today was a free dress day. You'll see pics in the first 'Cute Clothes' column (I admit, I named it for alliteration...just like this).

These are the turquioise bracelets mentioned, first pictured with my (awesome) purple watch, then solo.

That's all I bought this time. Another one will come next week (because honestly, I do have a few things I should be able to afford then that I want).


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