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Okay, I absolutely suck at introductions. I wrote an about me page, but sheesh, you still kinda need to do an introduction! xD So, to start: this blog is Trenchcoats to Tiaras, and named after the most random items in my closet, a red trench swiped from my mother, and a cheap costume tiara from Party City that has seen more use than it has a right to. I only became interested in fashion last summer (before, my dressing up was heels, a non-school t-shirt, and jeans with slightly intact hems - I'm really hard on the poor things), but I seem to be managing all right even so. Except on the whole make-up front, but you know, I'm getting there, though I will never be the girl who can't leave the house without her hair perfect and her 'face' on. I totally respect the girls that can and will do that, but that's close to my polar opposite. And I value my sleep too much. XD

My basic goal with this is writing a lot more, be it little ramble-essays (gotta stay in practice for English next year, don'tchaknow? (and they will be not nearly as boring as an English prompt, I swear to you - I'm not that mean!)), or rambling about how obsessed and in love I am with shoes, sharing some of the creative stuff I've done, or what I'm doing to my poor, abused bedroom now, or even just a few pictures I found. The point it that I do something. And hopefully, you - yes, the person reading this, whoever in the heck you are - enjoy it.

I'm looking forward to actually posting about this places.


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