Pictures - Now Contain the Sky!

I tried out a different area of the yard while taking pictures of the outfit I wore New Years Day. Sadly, I didn't actually do any celebrating, because I seem to have come down with a cold. ( :( )

And my dog managed to get into the first of these, but somehow managed to run out of it after that.

Blazer - thrifted | Shirt/Pants - F21 | Heels - Payless | Necklace - The Meadows Museum

A close-up on my arm party!
Chunky gold bracelet - Fallas | other gold bracelets/blue bracelets - F21 | Friendship bracelet/cross bracelet - handmade by various friends

I'll try to talk about my New Years resolutions tomorrow, if I can make them sound coherent. In the meantime, I'm going back to school today. At least that means I only have one semester left of these awful looking uniforms!

How was your New Years? I hope nobody else has a cold to show for the holidays!


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