You know the feeling of finding out a pet you adore has X disease and they're not gonna make it? Well, then, you know what my Monday has felt like. My ten-year-old cat, Courage, who I've had and adored practically forever, has leukemia. And apparently transfusions might not even help her to make it any longer.

It's just...horrible. We almost lost her brother Crookshanks earlier this year, and then, back in April of 2010, we lost a stray we took in that we called Lady. It's so hard knowing that your pets are mortal, that you'll outlast them, and yet, they're like your children, and it feels like they should last forever.

I just... I really don't have anything I can say about anything else right now. Sorry.

We wound up having to put her down. I think this is the first time I haven't been crying in the past two hours.


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