It always takes me a while to finalize my New Years resolutions. It's mainly because I ignore the existence of New Years until the day AFTER it. I'm terrible, I know. My general process for making these resolutions is observing my own behavior, and spotting things I want to do differently. Therefore, I have quite a few resolutions for this (hopefully wonderful) year of 2012.

  1. Be more willing to commit to things and decisions, and be open about my ambitions instead of being afraid to reveal them.
  2. Branch out with my fashion.
  3. Write a short story every week. (I mean, a short story, not a "short" story of fifty pages).
  4. Similarly, manage some form of exercise that is not walking at least once a week.
  5. Last but not least, study on a more frequent basis.
We'll see how these go. xD;


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