Knee-highs and Chambray

Though, just so you know, they aren't in the same outfit. My outfits from this long weekend (okay, from Sunday and Monday only, because I think I slept all Saturday...pretty sure I did, since I can't remember doing anything then!)

The first outfit, I think I just wanted to wear the knee highs and the skirt. I wore it to church - and then! - to the Botanical Gardens, where I conned my mother into taking pictures of me. She's not the best with a digital camera, but oh well - there are reasons she's a programmer and not a photographer, right?

Blazer/Necklace - thrifted | Shirt/Skirt/Shoes - F21 | Socks - gift; no clue | Bracelet - Fallas

The next day, Monday, saw me FINALLY using a chambray shirt I snatched on a whim on sale at a JC Penney's outlet. I don't remember my thought process at the time, but for some reason, I thought getting it extra large was a good idea. (It wasn't). This thing also has weird little studs all up and down the center (why, why!?). I don't think I could ever wear it as an actual shirt. But as a jacket...? I liked the outcome, at least.

Chambray shirt - JC Penney Outlet | Tank - F21 | Pants - Target | Flats - Wet Seal

I just love (not) how windy it is here. My hair didn't want to stop flying when I took these pictures. Thing I regret most about this outfit is the lack of jewelry I put with it. It could've used a necklace and at least one bracelet. Oh well~ Mistakes are how you learn.


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