Capes are Wonderful!

One thing I got a while back (as in...over a month ago!) is a cape. It's super cool, rather cute, and my biggest issue with it is that it's super hard to figure out what to pair it with. At some point in the past month (though it could have been in late November as well - I am not the best with time!) I figured out at least one outfit to work it into.

Cape/hair flower/tights - F21 | Bag/shoes/necklace - R21 | Dress - Nordstrom's | Cuff - thrifted

I really liked the combination of this. Sadly, it seems the dress is one of the very few things in my wardrobe that this cape likes. I know I'll find something else for it somewhere in the depths of my closet, yes, but it's a wee bit discouraging that it doesn't wear well with a lot of the other stuff I enjoy wearing. This dress, for example, requires several safetypins to take the neckline up to a level that can cope with an ample bust. Sigh. It's so pretty I can't get angry at it, though. Just like the cape.

Do feel free to submit cape-wearing tips to the clueless one here (me!). :) Also, does anyone have that one wardrobe piece they adore that just refuses to cooperate the way you want it to?


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