Okay, I'm mostly recovered from the argyle chaps. (Mostly... I'm just going "wtf" a lot about them, but less horrified, at least...) Have a few pictures from last week, since I haven't really gotten out of the house in the past two days (yay being sick!!!!!!)

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen this picture a while back of me at school. See, the story is, a friend of mine gave me this REALLY awesome hairpin from her trip to Taiwan, where she was visiting her mom's family. Of course, I had to find some way to wear it that wouldn't have it falling out. (Let's not talk about the attempt we did the day I got it that involved a braid...) I thought of the on-top-of-the-head bun later. It looks waaaay better at the start of the day than the end of the day, which is, of course, when the following pictures utilizing the bun style were taken.

Our first outfit was taken the same day as the twitpic, last Wednesday, when I went to a meeting for planning my school's senior party.

Hair pin - Taiwan | Blazer/shirt - thrifted | Pants - Target | Oxfords - Wet Seal | Purse - from parental units | Arm party - F21, some handmade, Fallas | Necklace - R21

The bun came out again for the next day, mainly for keeping my hair out of my face while we learned blocking for a song at practice.

Sweater - The Limited | Shirt - Kohl's | Pants - I don't know at this point | Arm party - same as last outfit, pretty much | Necklace - old ornament stuck on a chain, I think

Anyone have any tips for keeping my hair more "up" that don't involve extra bobby pins? (Seriously, it takes twenty, it's insane!)

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  1. Hey Sue,
    Love your outfit with the stripes, blazer, and red pants!

    Girl in the Poodle Shoes


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