two hours in the rain

I would like to preface the beginning of this post with my incredibly deep apologies for the selfies you will encounter within it.  I began work with the impression I shouldn't bring anything with me to do during breaks other than my planner and a pen so that I could try to, well, plan. Unfortunately, that occupies me for like five minutes.  My savior, these past few weeks, has been my camera and a constant barrage of increasingly weird selfies.  I mentioned them in my recent I Can't Believe post, and well, they're below, for your viewing pleasure/judging of my sanity, and will be followed by clothes to make up for scarring you with my weird faces.

I like Dr. Pepper?

So, past that showcase of what I do on break... Monday, I wound up watching The Bachelorette with my suitemates.  Kind of a weird show, honestly quite a few creepy people, but it was entertaining enough, I guess.  I think I might wind up watching it with them again this Monday (aka today) if only for the social interaction, since I've noticed I get pretty starved for that during the week.

Jacket/skirt/shoes - F21 | Shirt - J.C. Penny's | Tights/purse - Target | Headband - idk

Tuesday was a dull day, though I did begin to work out that day, which is one of my summer goals, and I walked to Little Italy to buy things.  Wednesday, I was so disgusted by the cleaning I had to do (someone had "alone time" in a music room I had to clean, and well, that should NEVER happen around a piano EVER) that the only way to feel better for the rest of the day was a shower and dressing nicely.  Luckily, I'm a simple enough person that dressing nicely can actually usually make me happy.

Vest/shirt - thrifted | Skirt/bow/necklaces - F21 | Shoes - Payless

Thursday was a good day, other than cleaning bathrooms (it's pretty disgusting to do that, guys) and managing to get my arm kind of...burned by chemicals, which I managed to not notice that I'd done for the next like three days.  Apparently the only sort of pain I don't have an abnormally high tolerance for is itching... Anyways.  I read poetry and finally fixed my Great-Great-Aunt Elizabeth's old necklace.  She gave it to me shortly before she died when I was about fourteenish, and through poor handling, I managed to not only have pieces come apart from one another, but all but one of these delicate hollow beads (they're not glass but not plastic so I dunno what they are) broke on it.  I spent several hours with my jewelry pliers and determination, tightening all the loose wires and restringing the pattern as well as I could.  I had a few screw-ups, but overall I'm pretty proud of it!  Friday, post-work, I went to hang out with my friends Nick and Kelly at a bar in Coventry, because Kelly wanted to watch a baseball game. Well, that wound up cancelled (and Nick and I actually had to walk all the way to Coventry, which is not fun when you're exhausted from work) but we had fun just eating and talking, so it was great!  (Plus Kelly drove us back, which was really nice!)

Tank/skirt/jacket - F21 | Necklace - my great-great-aunt's | Shoes - Payless

Saturday, I had to take buses like everywhere.  I returned some things I'd thought I'd need for my job, bought some new things, and got back on campus just in time to meet up with Nick and Kelly to go on my first visit to the West Side Market in Ohio City, an area of Cleveland.  It was really fun, and I ate a bunch of good food (and bought some good food for later).  We also went on a Target/Whole Foods adventure, where I finished the rest of my grocery shopping.  Nick and I hung out again later and we wound up playing this game called Things until about 3:00AM at Theta Chi, because we went to pester my friend Denise who is living there over the summer.  It was a pretty fun day, definitely!  (Fun fact, this dress normally is just a low back, but I flipped the back to the front by accident and wound up liking it, though it is preeeetty lowcut when you do that).

Shirt-vest-thing/dress/shoes/hairthing/necklace (which you can barely see) - F21

Sunday, I pretty much just did laundry and worked on blogging things, other than one jaunt out to Chipotle.

Shirt - H&M | Skirt - F21 | Shoes - Payless | Bracelet - gift | Ring - someplace?

How did your past week go?


  1. I think they are fun pictures and I am obsessed with Dr Pepper so that makes them even better. I love that bright shade of blue on you.

    1. Yesss I'm not the only one! And I know my friends would find most of them super weird, since I'm making a face that actually scares a lot of my friends (for some reason). Thanks!

  2. I love that picture of you with the Dr. Pepper! I'm pretty much obsessed with Dr. Pepper, it's kind of crazy haha!



    Southern (California) Belle

    1. Thanks! Haha, I'm nuts about it and everyone thinks I'm insane.


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