it's been a good week

I'll warn you for next week that though I spent a significant amount of this week's evenings socializing, I was really lazy and tired and so there won't be many outfits.  Can't say that I personally mind it, though, I've really enjoyed this week, as well as the things I've found.

So I've never really developed an addiction to a TV series of any sort before, but the people I've been hanging out with have gotten me into Battlestar Galactica.  Can I just say that I absolutely love all the ladies in this?  They're all fantastic (although the blonde chick in the sexy dresses confuses me...but that's kind of what her plot purpose seems to be too, so far?)  I think Lieutenant Starbuck is definitely my favorite though.  Have any of you ever watched this series?

So this video might be making me have conflicted emotions about whether I want to spend any excess money I make this summer that doesn't go for food/savings on shoes, books, or well, these.  I'd protest my adulthood, but it's obvious that I kind of lack in that department.



I love this graphic, potentially a little too much.  It's so great, seriously.


So I might have recently done this with some of my drawers...  It's totally feeding the urge for new shoes.  ("Yes Mom I know what I'm doing this is called ORGANIZATION I'm not just a shoe addict!")

apparently taken off fb?

Guys, I love Totoro.  I don't think I could bear to eat these, but they're so CUTE that I want them...

What were your favorite things this week?


  1. I'm going to have to steal that graphic for my weekly procrastination posts. It is just perfect (and the toilet seat belongs down, period, no matter what my boyfriend says). Those snakes are so mesmerizing, I thought they were a cool necklace at first.


  2. I've never seen that show, but that outfit is amazing! I had a shitty week at work, I think my favorite was my boyfriend surprising me at lunch with Prosecco and flowers, and then giving me a new bra after work :)

    Sophisticated Lace

  3. LOL that graphic print is seriously too cute.

    xo erica

  4. great post honey, i want to see that show!


  5. Hehe that princess infographic is funny! Where did you find it? And are they actually EDIBLE cookies? They look too good!


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