expressive emotion

It's not a secret that I can be awful at words (okay, maybe on here it is... Maybe...) I am absolutely awful at speaking - I forget words when I'm trying to say them, accidentally say the wrong word (telling people good night instead of hello is an unfortunately regular occurrence, and I don't know why), and frequently am just incapable of making a single sentence sound right and grammatically correct.  I don't have the same sort of problems while writing, at least (and these issues tend to be less problematic after about noon, so maybe my brain just finally gets itself together around then, who knows).  Still, even in writing, one thing that I am terrible with is the expression of my own emotions.  One of the boys on my floor, earlier this year, demanded to know if I was capable of emotions other than apathetic irritation or hysterical laughter or tears (which basically turn into the same thing, for me), which are apparently the only emotions he's ever seen me display.  It's not a half-bad question, considering that I tend to be fairly toneless when speaking, am generally only cautiously interested in things (not full-on wild enthusiasm for really anything), and don't generally speak too much.  Honestly, my parents have asked similar questions, and that conversation even sparked one of my New Years Resolutions - being more open about emotions (among other things).  Years of being so inexpressive mean that I don't really know how to do that, because I automatically cut in to control myself when I'm about to burst out with a feeling.  It's a lot easier to express emotions through mediums other than your physical body -  art and writing are particularly popular mediums for emotions (poetry especially).  I'm not a poet (okay, confession, I wrote three pieces a while ago and still need to bug my poet friend to help me understand how to poetry because I have NO idea and I'm not actually sure they're poetry) or much of an artist, but I do love seeing other people's work - one of the greatest beauties of art is how your perception of it changes simply because of your background.

I love art that blends words and imagery, especially like this one does.

this is everywhere I don't know who made it! D:

I went to Cleveland MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) a while ago and saw a wonderful piece they had commissioned Kate Gilmore for.  Kate Gilmore involves her body as a piece of her art - it's kind of performance art, actually - her body creates the art, but the way she utilizes it to do so is also part of the art.  It's really interesting (and okay, it's also really therapeutic to watch someone smashing thousands of, the video accompanying the piece is the most soothing thing I've ever watched).  Naturally, I took a snap of the work.

I like lots of other types of art as well - portraits are some of my absolute favorite things! - but these are two of my current favorites that have really made me go through emotions. What sorts of art do you like, and how does that relate to your emotions?


  1. Wow! Cool! Thanks so much for sharing! I love words blended with imagery as well! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  2. I have to admit that I am not good with expressions either- writing I can do, but not writing about anything poetic or personal. I prefer sticking to things light and fluttery like fashion. I agree that art is a great form of expression, that image with the feather speaks volumes without saying a word. I appreciate your visit dear, its always interesting to hear your views...Happy Friday!


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