If I Weren't Afraid

I know I've done a similar sounding post before, but I think this is different enough to justify doing.  A while ago, I stumbled on this campaign, and it got me thinking.  Watch the video, and tell me what you think.

If I weren't afraid, I wouldn't worry about the way certain parts of my body look in different cuts of skirts or shirts.  If I weren't afraid, I would just confront the person who's been mucking with all my emotions for months now (unintentionally, but STILL).  If I weren't afraid, there are a lot of things I'd talk about much more openly on this blog.  If I weren't afraid, I'd raise hell every time I get catcalled while just friggin' walking to Chipotle, every time I get harassed on the RTA.  If I weren't afraid, I would always ask people to hang out with me when I get lonely.

What would you do if you weren't afraid?

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  1. Hi dear Sue, thanks so much for sharing this video with us, it really has changed my perspective and view uncertain things. I started making my own long list of things I would do 'If I weren't afraid'. Its amazing how different things could be if we gave ourselves a little credit and found our inner courage to do those things we were always scared of and to be the people we want to be without having to worry about what anyone thought. Excellent feature!


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