Tuesday Tunes

How do you find most of the music you listen to?  I know a lot of people specifically follow various bands and musicians, and a lot of people find music based off the recommendation of friends, or off 'related songs' on Pandora and Spotify and YouTube, or via the radio.  Personally, I don't really follow bands or musicians very avidly (or any celebrities really...) I get some music based off other people's recommendations on occasion, have found lots of things because they were free on iTunes (hooray for being broke!) or heard them on the radio somewhere while I was out.  A surprising amount of my music, though, comes from things I've heard at concerts or performed/seen performed in various musicals.  (Okay, it's not surprising at all, considering all the years of acting and choir, but still...)  Other than that, there's not much rhyme or reason to the things on my iTunes (or much organization either, shhh).  There's everything from Pitbull to fancy orchestral pieces to country to pop to whatever the hell Taylor Swift even is (is she country? pop? a fusion? we just don't know, but I do want all her clothes) to "things that were popular among preteens back in 2005 that were all I was allowed to listen to until shortly before this blog was made and I was deemed sufficiently adult to listen to things other than Hillary Duff" to showtunes to anime music (the third-most-played song I've got is a Puella Magi song, so) to K-Pop and J-Pop and Spanish music, some random stuff in German... Is anyone else this ridiculously non-cohesive in what they listen to?

Anyways, my songs today are pieces I've seen performed.  One is a song a girls acapella group at my university performed (they're such a cool group!) and the other is from the musical The Last Five Years, which I highly recommend, even though it will take your heart and carve it into an elaborate masterpiece before beating it flat and then dicing it up and lighting it on fire.  Seriously, you've got a 67% chance of starting to cry at the opening song.


  1. God my friends always tell me I'm too pretentious with the music I listen too. I tell them I just don't want to waste my time on stuff I don't really, really like. I find mine through a combo of friends (always the best resources), Hype Machine, and a couple blogs I love (Gorilla vs. Bear, Et Musique Pour Tous). Ah yes, and listening to Sirius XM U on my way home from work :)

    Sophisticated Lace

    1. I sort of have a friend like that, though it's more that we all tease him for being a hipster because he says things such as "oh they were really good before they started getting popular" and "so you've probably never heard of them". I'm sure that you don't manage to sound as terrifically snobby when you talk about music as he does, however, so pretentious might be exaggerating to annoy you. (You certainly don't come across as such via writing). But you're right, it's not worth wasting your time on anything you don't like. That sounds like a pretty interesting mix - today's the first I've ever heard of Hype Machine, and I've admittedly never really seen any music blogs. Being able to listen to Sirius on the way home definitely has to make it easier to find new things - it sounds pretty cool. c:

  2. I think I go by other's recommendations and also I find a lot of new music on tv series - once the scene and song gets in your head, its hard to forget. I love this song by Sara Bareilles, I find the words quite meaningful.

  3. Amazing post!


  4. Haha I want Taylor Swift's closet, too...and I want to be her BFF. I find most of my music on Hype Machine- it's a site that gathers all the music that's been posted on blogs and then rates it as most popular,etc. You should check it out, my favorite jams were found on there :)

    And PS where'd you move to? This whole process is so stressssful!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. lovely tunes you posted here, and haha speaking of Taylor Swift I was just listening to her song "22", sooo catchy!

  6. ahhh this dang ipad at work won't let me view the songs, but i'm writing them down so i can view at home!


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