some sleep would've been nice

I think I have an addiction to sleep, and life, regrettably, interferes with this addiction. I was lucky enough to shadow two Cleveland entrepreneurs last week, and to interview for a position that would allow me to remain in Cleveland over the summer, which I would absolutely love. Still, the best part of break is a tie between the times I was sleeping and when I was hanging out with the floor below mine (Panda hats and anime happened a lot). It was a good break, despite not getting to sleep and laze around till the very end. This week... Well, let's just say it wasn't set up to be too complicated until I injured my leg on Sunday. I don't know how or what I did, but I crouched to pick some Nerf darts up, and suddenly there was horrible pain in my leg. I should probably see someone about it, but I don't know how I'd time it to avoid missing my classes. If I'm lucky, it'll go away soon. If not...I know how I'll be spending my weekend. (And it won't be the sort of fun thing where I sleep through it like I did yesterday).

Monday was the only "lazy day" at the start of the week, and I took advantage of it by sleeping and doing things online. I also got to go to Chipotle with a mix of people I did and didn't know. It was pretty fun, definitely!

Jacket/dress - F21 | Tights - WalMart | Boots - Charlotte Russe

Tuesday was my first shadowing day. Even though I was supposed to start at 1:30 PM, I managed to be late, thanks to bad directions on Google maps. Apparently, the best way to get to the location I was going to is to take the rapid miles and miles away and then walk. Not. Luckily, the person I was shadowing was willing to pick me up from a different spot. Apparently, I helped him get lunch, so at least it had a positive effect? It was a fun shadowing experience - I got to help out with paperwork (trust me, I know it's weird, but other people's paperwork is fun - you get to see everything they spend money on and see how things flow and oh my god it's just really fun). I also was able to attend one of the events he put on in conjunction with other local businesses. It was really fun, and definitely interesting.

Jacket/pants - F21 | Shirt - present (I never remember where from, I tend to put what pops into my head...) | Boots - E's Closet Boutique

Wednesday was another shadowing experience, though this particular one was much easier to get to - I didn't even really need to consult Google Maps. (I did still get a little lost by bypassing the building, but I was super early, so it didn't matter that much, other than proving how awful I am at directions). It was an early morning to afternoon shadowing experience, unlike Tuesday, which was afternoon to evening, so it required waking up fairly quickly. Most of what I did was speaking to the various people who worked in this particular startup to see what they did, and how their different jobs fit together. I also was able to go to lunch with the person I was shadowing (and his co-founder) to meet a bunch of other entrepreneurs, who they had worked with before they all began their own businesses. Like on Tuesday, it was really interesting for me to see how seemingly unrelated businesses could make connections with each other to the benefit of both. I went home after that, and promptly ceased productivity by messing around online. I think that's also the first night I hung out on seventh floor - I watched NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind with them. (Sidenote, NausicaƤ is one of my favorite Studio Ghibli films, after My Neighbor Totoro and Castle in the Sky - I think it ties with Spirited Away for third favorite). Also, I'll admit that I rewore an old outfit, and didn't bother to shoot it because I already had pictures of it. I think I might have changed my hairstyle up on Wednesday, but I can't really guarantee it. Basically, it was identical to the last time I shot it, down to the accessorizing.

Sweater - present | Shirt - Deb | Pants - F21 | Necklace - thifted

Thursday was the last of the non-lazy days (until about 10:00 AM). I had an interview, got myself so nervous during it (I...just don't ask, usually I work myself up beforehand and calm down during) that once I got home, I simply went back to bed. I won't speculate on how I did in that interview - I did enough of that during! - and I'll just wait to find out. (Fingers crossed!) Once I woke up again, I vaguely attempted homework, and watched more movies with the seventh floor - post a Chipotle run with my roommate, of course. I also managed to wear two separate outfits that day, but I mean, interview clothes aren't necessarily my kind of "normal clothes".

Blazer/pants - thrifted | Shirt - swiped from Mom | Shoes - I don't remember what I had on

The outfit I wore later, when I woke up again...

Jacket/boots - F21 | Dress - Fallas | Leggings - Target

Friday and Saturday were uneventful - I messed around online more, watched more things with seventh floor, and lazed around in t-shirts and jeans. I don't quite remember if I left the building, but it was fun. Sunday...I slept, did homework, forgot it was St. Patrick's Day, but still managed to wear green (go me!) and forgot to shoot my outfit. Oh, and hurt my leg, as I've already said. I know, I'm truly talented  - this is my second leg injury of the semester (last time was at the start, and was my ankle). To quote my friends' response to this... "Do you even leg, Sue?"

Hopefully you had a better St. Patty's Day than I did!
(Also, let me know which collage-y style you prefer - the ones with days or without! I'm experimenting right now, so I'd love to know what you think!)

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  1. Cute looks! Love Monday! Double polkdots--too cute!



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