a bit of chaos is fun!

(This video totally fits the mood of this week, promise, plus it's great music). Being organized and having everything planned out in advance sounds great. It really does. Unfortunately, whenever I try to do that, I get bored and annoyed. Things are too predictable and there's no interest for me that way. While I wouldn't precisely say that I enjoy chaos and always being in a state of near-crisis, it definitely keeps me interested and engaged in what I'm doing. I like to have some pieces of stability and sanity, but I tend to find that in other people, rather than some sort of routine or a static environment (or too much planning ahead). This past weekend, I made the difficult decision to not form a suite (and floor) with my friends and current floormates. Part of it was that I didn't really want to adjust to a new roommate - my current one and I are practically the same person in every possible way! - and part of it was developing a sudden longing for a single room. Part of it, too, was that I feel living with the same people, in the same building, would be a repeat of this past year. I've already found myself growing restless with the routines my floor and I have fallen into. It's a very insular floor, and most of my floormates lack friends outside of the floor, and also lack interest in acquiring them. The same people are always around, and there's almost a bit of pressure to just confine yourself to the floor. Even if that weren't there, I already know a lot about these people, and I'd like to get to meet and know and live with a bunch of people I don't know, all over again. I feel like I go stagnant when I stick to the same thing for too long - I've already felt it happening this semester, and even part of last. I get comfortable with something, I get bored, but it's easy, so I just kind of go along with it and get upset with myself for not changing it, but don't do anything about it. It's a horrible emotional trap for me, and so...I did something about it!

I'm now a free-floating and unattached person with no defined plans for where I'm living next semester, other than wanting a single. It's kind of scary, but mostly, it's terribly exciting. It's like how I felt last year, once I accepted my offer of admission, all giddy and hopeful and bouncing around. It's absolutely a wonderful feeling. And it's led me to do something I didn't do last year, where I had someone else's aesthetic sensibilities to worry about (well, we wound up doing nothing to decorate our room, really, but that's okay, because we're barely in it). I've even dedicated a Pinterest board to it. Secretly. Because it'd be embarrassing if people that personally know me enter my room later and see none of the stuff I say I want to do and...find it to be boring and blank. Luckily, I don't particularly have that embarrassment on here! (Even if some people I know personally have checked it out...my illusion has not been fully shattered yet).

Some of my favorite ideas for my room next year are...
While I don't know if I'd actually be able to have this up in the dorms, I really want something bright and rainbow-y and colorful on my walls. My walls this semester have been too bare, even now that I've been printing out pictures and putting them all over. That hasn't been a particularly organized process, anyways... I like the idea of this, because it's so much color all at once, and fun.

In that same vein, I also like this style of rainbow-y stuff. It's pretty cool! (I so wish I was as cool as the gal who shared this - Gabby Noone is evidently a pretty boss kind of freshman college student, I mean, this is so thought out, jeez). It's definitely making me think about how to be more creative with my furniture organization as well, next year. I'm going to have a much smaller room, after all! Maybe I can stick my bookshelves on my dresser and save space, if it's out from under my bed? I am definitely going to have to get a corkboard/posterboard thing too. We have ones in our dorms now, though not every room had one (and some had multiples???) so I don't know how or if that's even a thing on the other side of campus. I want one, regardless!

While the Strikingtruths store doesn't offer this as a print, I feel like I seriously need this plastered somewhere in my room. Fear is so easy to bow to, and often, I really just need a reminded smacked in my face that I can't just give up on ideas and thoughts and stuff just because it's scary to go with them or defend them. (Same thing could be said for my love life, too, actually...)

Finally, a really fun thing! I really have an almost obsessive love of nebulas, so having a pretty pillow of them sounds wonderful. It's something nice to look at, and would be another great splotch of color in my room.

How do you guys handle organization and chaos? Any other cool ideas for a miniscule room?


  1. I love that quote for inspiration - failing forward is the only way to live! I love it!

    Pearls & Paws

  2. That quote is so wonderful and it is really something I have been trying to force myself to do. I hope that this something I can embrace this year.

    I love the rainbow banner. It is so colorful and cheerful.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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    1. It's definitely perfect, and something I've been trying to work on.


  3. Super cute room ideas! Love that quote!



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