in honor of midterms...

It's the week before Spring Break, I have a midterm tomorrow, not much time to study, and all I really want in life right now is to have the time to make something delicious (aka not dining hall food... I love my school, but I'm so tired of the dining hall). I haven't had fish since some point this past summer, and while I'm not the biggest seafood fan (I can't eat shellfish at aaaall), I do love some salmon every now and then, so I've been wanting to make this recipe ever since I found it a while ago. Maybe I'll try it out sometime over break, when I have the ability to cook because I won't feel guilty about all the money being spent on mealswipes by my parents?

Seriously... I just really want to eat salmon. Or something not hamburgers or pasta, really. Oh well. I have a week to cram in as much variety as I can.

Do you ever just really crave things?

ps: that discount code for Kohl's I mentioned a while ago is still good! Use the code TENFORBLOG before March 9th for 10% off!


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