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This has been a rather...taxing week. Hurt my knee last Sunday (the 17th) and wound up only making it to classes twice this week - Tuesday and today. Not the best thing to do right before my upcoming tests... Oh well. My knee isn't protesting nearly as much when I'm walking around and all, so it seems like it's been worth it to rest a lot. Next week is just tests and research for papers, so...really "fun". I'll potentially be taking a midweek break during that to study for my Econ test, since a lot of my work this weekend will be for Accounting. I enjoyed a lot of the things I found online this week - no wonder, since I was online a lot - and it was actually a bit difficult to narrow it down. Still, here are some.

This is from a line of gorgeous vintage-inspired gowns. Need I state how desperately I want it? That open back and the mermaid shape... Definitely in love.

I've been obsessed with tutu-ish skirts for a while, and while browsing some of the blogs I check less frequently, I spotted this on one of the Sisters 4 and fell in love. So. CUTE. Plus you can just wear it under other skirts to make them poofier, which is just as cool as wearing it because tutus.

I don't think I need to say much about how cool this kind of boot is, do I? Yeah. The set of interviews the photo is from are also super cool.

This story is probably the best thing I heard all week. I absolutely love anything that is a pushback against hatred, and this response to a 'for sale' sign across from the Westboro Baptist Church is just the best. (Plus, it's the prettiest house exterior I've seen... It'll be a lot of maintenance, I'm sure, but it's gorgeous and a good idea).

I love these little tassels so much. They're really cute and fun, and might be a cool idea for sticking somewhere in my room next year.

theSkimm is my latest internet obsession. It's a kind of curated news service email thing, and it's a nice read in the morning when I'm not really conscious enough to process many articles but still want to be reading these things. Its founders are pretty stylish too!

What were your favorites for the week? I hope your week was better than mine!


  1. Gorgeous Blog!
    Check out mine?

  2. That first dress is amazing - would love to get married in something vintage inspired!

    Pearls & Paws


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