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Today's a light piece - I've got a shadowing experience today and I'm excited!!! I recently got some thigh-high socks (I'll write about them later) and it got me thinking about how to wear difficult pieces so that they integrate well into your usual style. If you're Kim Kardashian, than yeah, something like thigh-high leather high heeled boots easily fits in your wardrobe. If you're anyone can be difficult to figure out HOW to wear them so you don't raise too many eyebrows. Same thing with thigh high socks, or various other things. I can't claim to be the absolute expert (I might have a guilty conscience here for my own thigh-high boots, lurking in my closet, worn only once - I'm still madly in love with them, but it's hard to integrate sometimes, guys). To that end, well, we're going to try some styling ideas for items I've got issues with, thanks to the powers of Google!

Thigh-high Socks
source (it's a DIY too guys!)
Basically, the trick to thigh highs is making sure it's obvious they're thigh-highs - and not taking it too seriously. Making them really cute also helps, as does putting them with pieces that would be classified as 'adorable', like the skirt from I Spy DIY's picture.

Thigh-high Boots

Thigh-high boots seem to be best worn when there's as little leg skin showing as possible - jeans, good; skirts short enough for you to see more than about an inch, not so good. I personally think they look best with jeans, or, like the two pictures with skirts, worn in the same color family as the skirt and the tights these ladies wore beneath the boots. (On a side-note, if you filter out 'Kim Kardashian' from the search results, you get under a hundred pictures).

Midi Skirts
I know...the midi skirt is like, old news. It's still so fun, though. (And besides, I gotta compensate for the dumb sixteen year old moment where I decided to buy shoes over one because "who would even WEAR that!?" If only that younger me knew that she'd one day catch herself running around to classes in super short shorts, or a sheer shirt, or all pleather, or maxi skirts...) Midi skirts are dressy and pretty, but the advantage I see in them is all practical: they will not be dragging on the ground, which maxi skirts can do, but they're long enough to cover most of your legs and, if you're in a cold area like me, they'll be helpful in keeping that area warm while looking cool. I like them best paired with structured items, like the runway image where it's paired with a leather jacket. Probably the most important thing with midis is to make sure that they don't make your legs look super short, which they can, due to that mid-length endpoint. Basically...nude heels or flats are your bffs with midis, because with heels, you get that lovely lengthening effect AND they don't cut off the line of skin, and with flats, they simply don't cut the line of skin. Or wear them with matching solid-colored shoes and tights.

(And yes, yes this post is more than partially for my own reference when I'm trying to figure out how to dress up certain items I own... Hopefully it benefits you guys as well!)

Are there any items of clothing you find particularly difficult to wear?

ps: a snap of my thigh-high socks... They're long enough flat that they reach my chest when held so the foot touches the ground
from Sock Dreams


  1. Love these inspirations! Thank you for sharing!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  2. I love thigh highs!!! They always remind me of the movie Clueless - and always look sexy :)

    Pearls & Paws


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