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I read a lot of blogs...maybe you've noticed! And I'm always finding new ones. Right now, I'm trying to keep my blogroll up with the ones I read.

Fash Boulevard is to die for. It's run by Anna Hodge, who is an visual merchandiser and stylist in LA. Her blog includes "Fash Faves and Fails" from the stars, brands she's discovered, trend reports, and pictures of her adorable puppy, Maddox Dior. It's a wonderful blog!

Birchbox is...well, it's Birchbox! They're a beauty company that sends out monthly boxes with sample products in them, which I signed up for recently. (Am antsily awaiting November...) They also have a blog (ie, what I've linked you to) where you can get team intros, interviews, and find beauty tips from a variety of sources.

Jirka's Blog is the website of that artist. You've probably seen something about him on Pinterest or Yahoo! recently. Why? Because he's making a series of Disney characters translated to how they'd likely look in real life. (His other art's gorgeous too, but oh my god, you have to see Mulan!)

Downtownn is a healthy living tumblr. It's the source of the workout plan I recently started (speaking of which, I really need to get back to doing that...I slacked a bit over the weekend), and has tons of those, as well as diet plans. It's currently on a "long hiatus", but there's plenty to go through in the meantime.

PeaceLoveLipstick is exactly what it sounds like. Found through Birchbox's blog, where she was guest blogging earlier, the talented gal who runs this has chosen to focus entirely on lips. I'm learning tons as you read this.

Any blog recommendations for me?


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