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Happy Wednesday!

I haven't updated my blogroll in forever, and I thought I ought to change that. I've found quite a few new lovelies since the last time I updated and I need to finish stalking the archives of half of them.

First up, Tha Fashion Gal. Run by Singapore girl Jocelyn Ng Jinghui, this blog does a lot of showcasing of big house fashions, along with plenty of Singapore designers. She also does quite a few outfit idea posts, which are great. The coolest thing, though, about this girl is that she's FIFTEEN. Be duly impressed and awed.

Fashion Blog is a great blog with unfortunately decreasing updates. (Remind you of anyone here...?) However, when Kristina posts something, it's almost always extremely good. I don't think there's a post on there that I don't like, and it's given me plenty of ideas. The archives are worth a read while you hope for more posts.

Clothes Horse NYC LA is a blog run by Amelia Alvarez. It's wonderful and gorgeous. I also need to stalk my way through the blogs on her amazing blogroll.

Style Pennies is a blog by Katelyn, the wife of a guy in the army. She's funny, and has lots of cool ideas for living on a budget. Just be warned, if you're on the less religious side of things, this is another blog where religion does get involved. Regardless of that, there are a lot of supercool DIY projects on there. My favorite is this DIY that gives a headband idea.

Living Wonderful is a lifestyle blog by Canadian Jessica. She shares cool recipes, fun and not-so-fun stories, and intriguing thoughts about life in general. I really like reading this.

Procrastinating Pretty has taught me more about makeup in just a few weeks of reading than anything else in my life (I'm still pushing my way through the archives of other makeup blogs...). It's seriously great, and I love watching the videos from here.

Got any blog suggestions for me?


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