Happy Friday y'all!

From here. I'm a super-huge Harry Potter fan, only saw the last movie LAST WEEKEND, and I've kind of been in depression mode ever since. ;-;

From here. I would love to do this sooo much.

From here. I'm in lust with these satchels, I just want a billion of them.

From here. This is just...stunning.

From tumblr, somewhere. I just want to be Emma Watson for a day...

The source doesn't work, but it came from tumblr.
I'd love it if my hair looked like this...but regardless of wishing, this is just beautiful.

From here. A very true sentiment.

From here. These are the cutest. I want like a million of them.

From here. I get so hungry looking at them.

From here. I think I'll be trying to get my hands on some of these.

What have you loved this week?


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