The Homecoming Game was last Friday night, and it was fun! Our team won (against our major rival, may I add?) by a huge margin. Absolutely slaughtered the other side. Choir also sang, but I don't think I've got any pictures of us on the field. I did, however, get a few shots of my outfit when I returned home.

Shirt - school | Jeans - ??? | Oxfords - Wet Seal | Necklace - Rue 21 earring-turned pendant, vintage chain | Big ring - Charlotte Russe | Bracelet - thrifted | Purse - the sak

The night was spent stealing acquiring a vuvuzela from the other side, which will soon be wrapped in blue and white duct tape and be my favorite thing ever, wrestling with friends, filming the dance team, wrestling some more, watching fireworks, chasing a kid who made off with my vuvuzela, having the vuvuzela returned, and wrestling some more.

It was awesome.

The dance was the next night, and it was amazing. I didn't take my heels off the whole night (mwahahaha soon I will be invincible! Or something...), and had tons of fun. I'm glad I moved on from the freshman thing of moping because I didn't have a date. I think dances may actually be more fun without a date, because you get to spend all your time with your friends, and don't have to worry about some guy.

Headband - Forever 21 | Dress - Fallas | Heels - some little boutique | Necklace - vintage chain, random pendant | Clutch - Forever 21

Overall, Homecoming was wonderful, and I think it was actually the best one yet. Not the venue, necessarily, but the enjoyment level.
(Also, I forgot where I have to stand in the yard to get my shoes fully in the picture...)


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