I thought I ought to have something regular to post, and it occurred to me, why not show off some of my favorite things from a week? The things that I think are awesome, fun, whatever. I don't exactly seem to show a lot of my inspiration here, though I do show a lot of it on my pinterest. So we'll take one of my latest favorites from each of my boards. ^^

From here.
I am in love with these flats, seriously. Logic informs me that a pair of $195 dollar flats is absolutely ridiculous, but my shoe obsession tells me that they're perfect. Sigh. Maybe I need to learn to make shoes till I make enough to afford stuff like this...

From here.

I love windowseats. The most cripplingly sad thing about my old house and my new one is the lack of window seats in my room. My parents have one (and had one) and so did the dining room in each, but not my bedroom! No fair. :< If I ever own my own house, I'm going to ensure the existence of a window seat with every window. Seriously.

From here.

This thing looks a little weird, but I'd love one that was made for American plugs. I have soooo many cords running rampant in my room, and about three different power strips, and it drives me crazy! A hub for all those would be nice.

From here.

Boldogkőváralja, Hungary. It's just absolutely gorgeous.

From here.
Keiko Lynn is gorgeous and amazing.

From here.
I love this tutorial, which I'm definitely trying soon. It's fairly simple, and it looks gorgeous. Definite love for this!

Cannot find the source. :( Pinterest just tells me it's 'Google'.

From here.
Am definitely going to be trying this to handle my ribbon stash. ;)

What have you fallen in love with this week?


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