Fantabulously Pinteresting~

This has been a long, painful, and busy week. I think I'll spend the part of this weekend that is mine quietly... I really don't have the energy or want to do that much. Still, I've picked my favorite pins from Pinterest this week...

I'm absolutely in love with the style of these shoes, not to mention the way they look. They'd be hard, but fun, to style.
I don't think I've wanted a long yellow skirt before...but when it looks like this and it's a mermaid style, I'm a goner.
This is absolutely true. I just wish it hit more people more often...
Stromboli is one of my favorite foods EVER.
I saw this, and immediately converted from Katniss/Peeta to Katniss/Seamus. Their relationship would be full of fireworks, am I right? XD
Yes, yes, yes!
I'll be trying this shortly. See how I like it and how it stays with my hair. Should be fun~!

I'll see you all next week!


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