Stripe Heaven

Last weekend was a rather interesting one. I didn't have play practice on Saturday, so I managed to go shopping (mostly for play related stuff...) and then, somehow, on the way back from church on Sunday, I was able to snag a skirt from Jason Wu for Target. Obviously, Texan ladies aren't quite as obsessed with this stuff as people in say, Florida are (here's looking at those people selling tons of this stuff on E-bay...), though the accessories were cleaned out. Or it may have just been that this was a rather out-of-the-way Target... Who knows! Either way, I've got the feeling that this skirt will become one of my staples in a matter of time. It's cute and pleated and everything I've been obsessing about in skirts for MONTHS now. No, I don't have a picture of me in it yet. I think that's something for this weekend, if I actually manage to do anything outside of play practice.

All of this is from F21. I walk into one of the big stores and bam! Attack of the things.
The headbands in there are replacing my old black and gold chain headband, which, sadly, snapped while I was trying to use it. Given that it's always hated me...well, the blue headbands seem more reliable, so far. The striped dress made an appearance on Sunday...

Dress (as shirt), skirt, tights, headband - F21 | Vest - thrifted | Shoes - R21

I like the second picture best, so it seems that the brick out on our porch is a good place for pictures. Always handy to know! The last image was just wanting to see what would happen if I took it from that angle - I kept it because, well, isn't it cool!?


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