Fantabulously Pinteresting~!

I managed to mess up the time I wanted to get this out at, but ah well. Things happen, after all. This week has been rather busy - homework everywhere, "wait, I have to do scholarship applications too? DAMNIT!", realizing the reason my sunglasses are always uncomfortable is because my nose slants to the left a lot, and battling over ice cream with the little brother. (I won, by the way). Oh, and lots of Pinterest was involved too, of course. xD Have my favorite pins of the week.

Check them out after the jump! (Yes, I'm finally playing with that feature... MWAHAHAHA! (hush, I'm crazy on a lack of sleep)).

These are a bunch of made-to-order sandals by this one person on etsy, but somebody on pinterest apparently got the idea of making stuff like this from regular flip-flops and ribbon, and I'm certainly thinking of trying something like that, for curiousity's sake.
I love this tutorial for a hanging bed! I think it'd be really fun to have one someday. (Though inside, not outside, where the assorted bugs could feast on my blood...)
Kate Bolick is an absolutely fascinating woman, guys, and now that I've discovered her, I am obsessed.
This just looks like a really cool book, and I think I'll definitely be looking for it soon.
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aka the quote that is going to be the inspiration for my whole life. No joke.
"This is a 6-inch tall door at the bottom of a tree at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. People of all ages leave around 1500 notes behind the door every year, and every single one of them is answered. Each reply ends with, “I believe in you.” No one has seen the elf, but he’s known as “Mr. Little Guy”."
Magical, isn't it?


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