shiny shiny

I don't know why, but as we're heading into fall, I have an absolute obsession with crescent moon necklaces.
From here.

From here.
From here.
I showed a picture of it already, but I ~kind of~ made something similar to this last one, from an earring. To refresh your memory of's the necklace in this picture:
Which became this...
(Like my hair? Trying a darker red that looks better with light.)
Still need to figure out what to do with the mate of that earring...I may just glue it to some ribbon and prance around pretending to be Sailor Moon (because I have a short uniform skirt and have yet to grow up) for the heck of it. But any ideas are quite welcome!

And now I'm going to hunt for some other crescent moon necklaces...we'll see if I manage to find any.


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