School, Some Clothes, and a Room View

School starts back up for me on the 24th, guys. Senior year. I HAVE FIRST PERIOD OFF EVERY OTHER DAY I AM SO EXCITED.
Um, yeah. xD Figured you might wanna know, or something. The power of being able to sleep in till around nine instead of waking up at six is like heaven.

I mentioned my hair cut...have some pictures of it.

The shortness is...different. But I can do a top knot now? My mother told me it looks "weird, but okay". And the necklace is a former earring that I took the hook off of and put on a chain.

I went shopping and you know, bought stuff. Go me.

From Forever 21, I got a shirt, some bracelets, nailpolish and a headband. Whoo~

I got a (cheap) pair of earrings, one of which was turned into a pendant. Still deciding what to do with the other. A pair of sunnies identical to my favorite extremely beat up pair, a pair of $5 six-inch heels that I adore, a purse, and a moustache ring. That ring is going to be the first part of a Christmas gift for one of my friends, who has a moustache obsession.

And remember how I was doing stuff to my room? This is the ~current~ view. It'll get cleaner...slowly.
It's changed a bit since I took the picture... less of a mess, the bookcases have received some rearrangement. Does anybody have ideas on what I can do with old CD cases? Like, I keep all my CDs in a bag thing, so the cases have just been collecting dust on my bookcase for /years/ now. I don't wanna toss them, because that's just wasting, but I don't know what to do with them. Ideas?

Anyhow, I'm trying to start getting back in the swing of things. Which is good, since, you know, school starts next week.

Aaah senior year D:


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