What the Cali...

Driving from Texas to California is exhausting, first off. My idea of comfortable carwear, according to my mother, verged on the Lady Gaga side of things. Really, the heels were just the only shoes I liked at that point.

Headband - F21 | Top - BuiYahKah | Skirt - Body Central | Socks - Gap | Boots - Rue21
Rest stops are...different.

The next day involved - surprise! - more driving. My outfit actually changed over the course of the day, and that change involved swapping shirts in the middle of the street. Nobody even noticed. xD; We were in Arizona at this point, and managed to get to New Mexico by the next day, now with the quasi-brother-child-thing in tow. Sadly, I did not manage a picture of the outfit. A recurring problem, I'm afraid.

The day after that, we arrived in California, and visited UCRiverside. It was hot and boring and all, but I got a picture at the Clock Tower there.
Top - don't remember | Jeans - Macy's (I think) | Flats - thrifted

The next day we went to a church and -sigh- my outfit was abysmal. I was trying out the maxi skirt trend - I'd already tried it out on Day Two, but it looked better (I think). Anyhow, that was about all we did that day. Besides slicing my ankle open. I'm still not sure how /that/ happened.
Earrings - thrifted | Top - don't remember | Skirt - Wet Seal | Flats - Wet Seal

The next day was - wait for it! - DISNEYLAND. I bought a plastic sword and it's now hanging on my wall and it is awesome. But it's also sad that I have to wait till twenty-one to buy a real one! I uh, have an obsession with swords guys. It's kinda bad... But anyhow, I went simple and comfy, for obvious reasons. My feet still felt like hell at the end of the day, and I had one amazing sunburn (someone actually called me a lobster...damn my skin), but it worked. Once I pulled the jacket thing I'd worn off.
Cardi - F21 | Tank - A'gaci | Pants - Macy's | Flats - thrifted | Bag - Land's End
am totes a pirate
Sixth day, I recovered from the sunburn and we did things I can't really remember. I don't even remember what I wore. Seriously, all I remember is buying flip flops from WalMart because I had blisters from my flats.

The next day was Knott's Berry Farm, which was epic and awesome. I rode as many roller coasters as I possibly could. All on my own, since no one else in the family likes the things. I also picked up a fake spear and a choker made by a Sioux lady named Shannon YellowHorse. (They had a Native American store there, where they sold a number of things...if only it had been payday, I could have bought more...and I would've too.) Basically a reprise of day one, just with flip flops from WalMart. Note to self - shots like the one below are awkward and should not be attempted. I also got hives from the sunscreen my mother foisted on me. Yeah, I'm allergic to it. What. Fun.

Next day we drove through downtown LA and UCLA after visiting Monterey (and the aquarium there!), without stopping anywhere (ugh, my mother hates the whole place so much it's kind of scary). We also tried the beach but it was too windy and cold.
Choker - store @ Knotts | Top - Kohl's | Jeans - Macy's | Flats - thrifted | Bracelets - Wet Seal | Purse - thrifted

Then we started driving back (sigh). No pictures from the first day. The second day of the trip back, we arrived back at the chiquito's parents place, where he decided to (at least, for a year) live with us.
Top - idk | Skirt - Wet Seal | Gladiator sandals - Payless

And then at some point we arrived back home and I passed out.
gahhhh I miss California weather and In-n-out and everything. :<
But I'll live.
And with luck, I'll wind up at college there.


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