Somehow, I'm the only person in my family with an eye for...well, anything! Literally, when we were building our house, I got to pick everything. Wall colors (hence how my room wound up blue...) My mom insisted on having yellow walls, but I got to pick the shade. I even pick my parents' clothes out. I'm not kidding. I also get left in charge of handling our (many, many) assorted knick-knacks.

So these are some pictures of what I've done with them, for inspiration or something. I have so many shells not because I collected them myself, but because I inherited them from my uncle's mother. She was an amazing gal.
Those are our cookbook shelves- the ones without books. We have four that are filled with cookbooks, but the others are my effective playground. (Also, if you're wondering about the snowman in the second to last, he's hanging out in there with the doll till I remember where I put the Christmas boxes...)

Then there's the hutch in the dining room, which was MADE to display random stuff. I have fuuuun with it.
My mom's favorite statues...
They hold glasses, for my mom and quasi-brother.
Aaaand MORE shells!
And then have a picture of my door, and progress on my room.
I swear, it's slowly getting cleaner...


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