Guess What My Weekend Entails...

So, I really don't have any new material yet. I have some things kicking around...
Right now, my focus is on the weekend. I'm sure it's a common affliction. I mean, it IS Labor Day soon...
And I actually have plans! Well, sort of. Still awaiting confirmation from my glorified chauffeurs parents (for the record, my father has actually claimed he is less my parents than my personal driver...I think that's a not-so-subtle hint about my needing a license...), but it looks like I'll be going bowling with friends on Saturday, and to the lake on Monday. I'm kind of excited, actually. The lake would be with people from church that I don't see all that often.

The start of school has just been so hectic. I kind of wish I hadn't taken that break while I was in Cali. It would've been hard to balance the posting and having fun, but it might not be so hard to keep everything going right now. But I'll get a grip on this before October, give or take a little. You know, before college applications start taking over my life... Since I'm not doing early decision anywhere, they shouldn't take over my life till around then. At least my mother's limited where I can apply to. Though that may not be a good thing! How hard is it to narrow down to four colleges? The answer, according to me, at least, is: nigh impossible. But enough about college...

Along with all the homework and the seeing friends coming this weekend, I plan on getting some actual "in action" pictures of my hair for you. We'll play a game called "What color is Sue's hair, actually?" Why? Because I've gotten so many different answers! "Brown." "Auburny-reddy-browny-blonde-y." "Red, duh." My mom even thought it was black, for a moment. And I might just be getting my senior picture done. There might also be a motorcycle involved. (There's an idea for my license problem...wait till my eighteenth birthday and go learn how to drive a motorcycle, get a motorcycle license, convince my parents that a motorcycle is an appropriate Christmas/early graduation present... If that'd work, I'd do it right now!)

What are you doing with this glorious long weekend?


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