A Prettier Coat

On Monday, you might have noticed that my coat featured some interesting - and shiny - decorations not typically found on coats, especially not typically on a Forever 21 cheapie coat.  (Well, relatively cheap...  I considered it expensive, but as we all know, I am frighteningly frugal...)  However, getting this look is really simple, cheap, and might even be free if you have something workable in your jewelry closet already.  You see, those shinies on my coat aren't identical brooches - they're earrings.  All you need is a coat with lapels and some earrings that you think will look cool.  I got mine at Forever 21 from one of the sale bins, but if you have pierced ears (unlike me), you might not even need to bother with that.

Have fun and enjoy!


  1. Hello love, I found your blog link on LC's website and decided to visit.

    Am a new follower of your cute blog, hope you can visit mine and follow back :))))))

    Thanks, xoxo

    1. Thank you!

      I'll certainly take a look.

      Thank you, dear~


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